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City and County Permit service for Houston and Harris County Texas

Why hassle with permits for General Contractors, Remodeling, New Construction, Fire, Pools and more? Let our experts take care of it for you.

In before 10am out the same day. We provide timely updates, you'll never have to guess your status.

We're Houston's original permit service, don't settle for less.

Permit Services Our Commitment

Permit Services

We Save Your Business Time & Money.

Many Houston Permit Management Companies will tell you what services they offer or what will happen if you use their services we take a different approach.

Here is a list of things that won’t happen when you use our services:

Your plans won’t get lost- our professional team oversees them from start to finish

Your time won’t be wasted chasing your permits through the building department- time is important to you and your time is important to us

You won’t have to complete complicated applications- we fill them out for you

You won’t have to guess on the status of your project- you will be updated.

Your plans will not sit in our office, all calls before 10am are submitted the same day.



Our Commitment

Here is a list of things that will happen when you use our services:


You will receive service from a professional & responsive company that is here to take care of YOU as a customer

You will not have to worry about your project once it is in our hands

You will receive regular updates on your projects review status

You will receive service to a wide range of building department locations

You will save time, money, and hassles. We make things simple and efficient




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